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DNA paternity testing goes mobile

A new traveling paternity test service in Baltimore, Maryland, has created a stir by performing tests out of its mobile clinic. In an age of ever-present DNA testing, paternity tests for child support purposes is becoming increasingly profitable, prompting more Maryland companies to offer the service.

Man not the father, forced to pay support anyway

A man from Maryland's neighboring state of Virginia is still struggling with financial problems related to child support. The man is involved in a drawn-out child support battle over a child that is not biologically related to him. He has spent significant time in and out of court and jail in connection with the case.

Pinault questioned at child support hearing

In the latest development in a long-running child support dispute, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault was asked why he failed to promptly accept paternity of his son, whose mother is supermodel Linda Evangelista. Pinault claimed he was distracted by the birth of a second child he fathered with actress Salma Hayek, to whom he is currently married. In Maryland, an unmarried father's paternity must be established before he is obligated to pay child support.

Man wins back child support following DNA test

In a case that some in Maryland can likely relate to, a court has ordered that an Australia man be repaid approximately $13,000 in child support after a DNA test proved that he was not the father of his ex-wife's son. He secretly took a paternity test after his wife expressed doubt that he was the boy's father, reportedly claiming that the man and his supposed son did not resemble each other at all.

Developments in ex-Nigerian official's Maryland divorce revealed

A paternity test administered in the U.S. has revealed that a former Nigerian politician is not the father of his wife's child. The news could dramatically affect the outcome of the couple's ongoing divorce in Maryland, which centered on the woman's demand for child support, among other issues.

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