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Mother and daughter hold divorce expo

A pair of divorce mediators who are also mother and daughter recently held an expo designed to help single individuals deal with the struggles of divorce. They say the idea for a divorce expo came to them after attending a similar event in France. Although such expos have appeared in the United States in the past, they are typically more prominent in Europe.

Politician target of Jewish divorce demonstrators

In a recent development in a divorce saga that this blog has previously reported on, a number of protesters and activists have called upon the chairman of the United States House Ways and Means Committee to push his employee to grant his wife a "get," also known as a Jewish divorce. The 35-year-old tax specialist has been targeted by activists since refusing to grant his wife a get following their divorce in 2010. Until he does so, Jewish law forbids the woman from uncovering her hair, having more children or remarrying.

Divorce rate falls across United States

According to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau, divorce rates across the country are gradually falling. In fact, the average rate of divorce has decreased by approximately 5 percent since 1996. The Census Bureau officials behind the report say that the costly nature of divorce may have been a significant cause, especially within the context of a recession-weakened economy. Since the economic downturn began, states with high unemployment have generally seen lower divorce rates.

"Divorce Hotel" helps couples separate easily

A concept being called the "Divorce Hotel" has been introduced in another country, designed to help divorcing couples end their marriages quickly and without many of the hassles commonly associated with divorce. While such an idea differs significantly from anything in practice in Maryland or the rest of the United States, the entrepreneur who developed the Divorce Hotel says the experiment has proven to be a success.

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