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Child support enforcement laws beneficial in Maryland and beyond

Child support and child support enforcement may sometimes be a point of contention during and after the divorce process. Parents who divorce in Maryland may be interested to know that lawmakers in another state are working to improve the way that they collect child support payments that are in arrears. They are planning to change the laws regarding the collection process of child support payments.

Maryland parents are covered under the new child support laws

How child support money is collected for a parent who lives in one state from a parent who resides in another state may change drastically in some states this year. As of 2015, all 50 states are now required to pass a new law before their legislative sessions end this year if they want to continue to receive certain federal benefits. That new law is The Uniform Interstate Family Security Act. It will allow residents in one state, like here in Maryland, to collect child support payments from a parent in another state.

When a parent stops making child support payments

As part of a Maryland divorce or custody order, a non-custodial parent may be ordered to pay child support for a child or children. Penalties and enforcement procedures are in place when parents fail to make court-ordered payments. However, these measures are most often aimed at parents who for some reason are not making payments even though they have the means. Those who legitimately cannot make payments should get an existing support order modified to avoid delinquency.

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