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Tax returns can reveal spouse’s hidden assets

When some marriages breakup in Maryland and elsewhere, one spouse may attempt to hide assets in order to try and reduce the size of their spouse's share of the marital assets or to minimize the amount of child or spousal support to be paid. Finding such assets, especially if private investigators are used, can greatly increase the expenses of a divorce. Often, however, past tax returns, especially those filed before there was any indication that the marriage was troubled, may furnish valuable clues.

Divorce rate dropping, but not for baby boomers

For many years, the general rate of divorce in Maryland and nationwide was around 50 percent. Just recently, it apparently dropped to closer to 40 percent. But for one age group, those over 50's, sometimes called the baby boomers, that is not the case. Their marriages are still ending in divorce at about a 50 percent rate.

Olympic skier agrees to shared child custody

A skier heading to the Winter Olympics in Russia this coming February, Bode Miller, has agreed with the mother of his son to share custody of the child, currently an infant, for at least the next four months. This essentially brought to a halt, at least for the moment, what was shaping up to be a heated courtroom child custody battle.

Some typical irritating actions of many ex-spouses

It is no surprise that couples in Maryland, or anywhere for that matter, get divorced when they are no longer getting along. Once the divorce is finalized, however, especially is the couple has children together, the interaction does not end. The marriage is over, but there is ongoing needed communication. Some ex-spouses, however, seem to ignore the fact that the divorce battle is over, and many do some annoying things that are really unnecessary and uncalled for.

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