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Announce your divorce like a celebrity

If you are going through a divorce, you may have a hard time telling your family and friends about your breakup. Divorce, after all, is a family law topic that is quite unlike marriage; we rarely send "save the date" cards for our impending splits. Now, innovators in the field are saying that couples should do just that. Enter the idea of divorce announcements, a method that would prevent couples from having to tell their story over and over again. Imagine your friends and family members in Maryland hearing the news directly from you through a concise, planned message. It's the newest, best family law tactic: Officially announce your divorce.

Co-parenting through the new school year

The new school year is looming in Maryland and elsewhere. As newly divorced parents attempt to iron out the details of their child custody agreements, they are bound to experience some miscommunication and general difficulty. Experts say you should not be discouraged by the initial phases of co-parenting, which requires a fine balance of dispute resolution and interaction with your ex-spouse. These gurus provide a list of important topics to discuss with your co-parent before the school year begins.

Are you ready to date after your divorce?

After you go through your Maryland divorce, you may begin fielding questions from friends and family members about your dating life. You are probably not even sure where to start dating, or you may not feel emotionally secure enough to share yourself with someone else. Even though you are probably not ready to start dating immediately after breaking it off with your spouse, there are several signs that could indicate the time is right to get "back out there."

DNA paternity testing goes mobile

A new traveling paternity test service in Baltimore, Maryland, has created a stir by performing tests out of its mobile clinic. In an age of ever-present DNA testing, paternity tests for child support purposes is becoming increasingly profitable, prompting more Maryland companies to offer the service.

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