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Temporary restraining orders and divorce

Many people associate restraining orders with domestic violence or other similar forms of abuse, but they can also be a useful tool for divorcing couples. Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders, or ATROs, can help a divorce go more smoothly by establishing certain financial rules and ensuring that the divorce process proceeds fairly for both parties. Maryland law allows an individual to include an ATRO with a divorcing or legal separation filing, which is particularly useful if that person's spouse controls most of the couple's marital assets.

Government aims to help noncustodial parents with child support

The White House Domestic Policy Council has issued a new report that outlines several plans aimed at helping families across the country. Inside this report are two announcements regarding changes to the way the federal government will treat child support. The report explains that the Obama administration will begin issuing waivers designed to help noncustodial parents who have trouble making child support secure occupational training and employment, allowing them to better provide financially for their children.

Maryland authorities conduct statewide child support sweep

Authorities from a number of sheriff's offices and the Maryland State Police recently conducted a statewide sweep aimed at detaining noncustodial parents with warrants for failing to pay child support. In Prince George's County alone, a team of 11 deputies with the Child Support Enforcement Division of the sheriff's office investigated 286 warrants. Of these, the deputies arrested 51 suspects who collectively owe back child support in excess of $343,000. They also closed 100 writs and warrants involving child support.

Dating after divorce for Maryland residents

Divorce can leave Maryland residents feeling mentally and emotionally drained, but most divorcees eventually decide to re-enter the dating arena following their separation. However, many struggle with the question of when to begin dating again, as a failed relation could rekindle the pain caused by the difficult end of a marriage.

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