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Who will end up with the family home in divorce?

Once you decide to move forward with divorce, you'll immediately turn your attention to the impact it will have on your life. For example, you may have a variety of questions related to property division.

Like many, the first thing you will think about is who will get the family home. This is every bit as important as it sounds, as you want to have a clear idea of where you will live in the near future.

Don’t be surprised by these co-parenting challenges

The divorce process is every bit as challenging as it sounds. Adding to this, you can expect a bit more stress if you have at least one child with the individual.

Once your divorce is in the past, you'll still need to communicate with your ex-spouse to ensure that your child is always getting what he or she needs to thrive.

Divorce and the division of retirement benefits

Property division is often a sticking point during the divorce process. As you turn your attention to this detail, you'll come to find that retirement benefits may be among the largest assets that need to be divided.

There are many types of retirement benefits, including but not limited to: IRAs, pensions, 401(k)'s, securities, annuities and insurance contracts.

What’s the best way to fight for and win custody?

As you move through your divorce, you may be worried about what will happen in regards to child custody. While some people are open to whatever the court decides, others come to find that they won't settle for anything less than winning custody.

If this sounds familiar, it's important to understand the steps you can take to put yourself in better position.

Have you organized a property division checklist?

You should expect to face a variety of challenges during the divorce process, with property division at the top of the list.

Just as you're hoping to get your hands on as many assets as possible, your soon-to-be ex-spouse has the same intentions. This can make it difficult to work things out.

You will feel many things during the divorce process

Once you decide to move forward with the divorce process, it goes without saying that your life is going to change in many ways. You will feel many things, all of which you need to deal with accordingly.

Here are some of the feelings that are sure to move to the forefront:

  • A feeling of being alone, as finding love once again will be the furthest thing from your mind
  • Many things remind you of your ex-spouse, such as a favorite restaurant or sports team
  • A feeling of living two lives if you have children, as you're a parent one second but a single adult another
  • Feelings that the future is bright, followed by devastation that your marriage did not work out
  • Happiness that you have the ability to mold your own future

Make sure your parenting agreement includes these details

As you work through the divorce mediation process with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you need to pay close attention to the things you can do to protect any child or children that you have with this person.

Creating a parenting agreement is easier said than done, but as long as both individuals are willing to work together, they will eventually settle on something that is mutually acceptable.

What is the real value of mediation?

Going through a divorce is never easy. There are many challenges standing in your way, all of which you need to deal with before you can put your relationship in the past once and for all.

There are many ways to move through the divorce process, and you'll want to consider each and every one. For many, mediation is the best answer.

What are the top questions regarding divorce?

If you are you thinking about asking for a divorce, it goes without saying that there are some questions on your mind. You don't want to make any mistakes, so it's imperative to answer any question that moves to the forefront.

Here are some of the top questions regarding divorce:

  • How long does it take? This depends on many factors, including the complexity of your relationship, such as if you have any children with the other individual.
  • Is there any way to complete the divorce process on my own? While this sounds like a possibility, there are so many legal matters involved that it can be a real challenge to move forward alone.
  • Are you required to spend time in court? This depends on the approach you take. For example, if both parties agree to mediation, you may never have to set foot in a courtroom.
  • What types of issues will be discussed during the divorce process? From child custody to alimony to property division, you should be ready for anything that could come your way. Your personal situation will dictate the process you follow.

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