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What are the top reasons for divorce?

As one half of a married couple, you should always strive to make your relationship work. There are sure to be times when you don't get along with your spouse. Even so, this doesn't mean you have to go down the path of divorce.

When you understand the top reasons for divorce, you can do your best to avoid trouble in the future. Consider the following:

There are many ways to enforce child support

Has your former partner been ordered by the court to pay child support? If so, you hope that this never becomes a problem. You hope the person makes timely payments, month after month.

Unfortunately, there are times when this doesn't happen. Instead, for one reason or the next, the person feels that he or she can skip payments.

Are you truly ready for divorce?

At some point, you may realize that your marriage is not working. This doesn't mean you are ready for divorce, but it could be creeping into your mind. Before you do anything, you should consider all your options. For example, marriage counseling may be the best way to get your relationship back on track.

There are a few questions you can address to determine if you are truly ready for divorce. These include:

Cultivating a good relationship between lawyer and client

Regardless of what kind of family law issue you are experiencing, you need a lawyer you can trust and one who will protect your interests. Like other relationships, sometimes the personality of the client and the personality of the attorney are simply incompatible. If you have experienced such an incompatibility, never assume that it means your family law issue is irresolvable. It is certainly safe to say that there is an attorney in the Annapolis, Maryland, area with whom you can develop an effective relationship.

A good relationship between you and your attorney can improve your chances of achieving an acceptable outcome. This can be especially so in family law matters when the stakes are often quite personal. One way you can help to cultivate a good relationship is by understanding what he or she can and cannot do for you. Having realistic expectations can often smooth the way for all parties involved.

Actress's divorce settlement will go to charity

Actress Amber Heard, who recently divorced Johnny Depp, has reportedly donated her divorce settlement to charity. The couple reached their agreement on Tuesday, Aug. 16, a day ahead of their scheduled court appearance. Heard's final settlement totaled seven million dollars. These funds will be split between the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Reportedly, the ACLU is to use its portion of Heard's donation specifically for its efforts in stopping violence against women. The actress accused Depp of domestic violence during their relationship and filed for a restraining order against Depp in May of this year. Heard said she has volunteered for the children's hospital for more than ten years and understands how her donation can make all "the difference between life and death for a child."

When your co-parent does not make child support payments

Not receiving the child support payments you are due can lead to severe financial challenges. In turn, this can have a negative impact on your ability to care for your children. Even one missed payment can make all the difference in the quality of life your kids enjoy, and numerous missed payments can be disastrous. Most parents in Maryland already know the effect of missed child support payments. What they often do not know is what can be done to remedy the situation.

Fortunately, the state of Maryland does offer several enforcement options for the custodial parent, each one developed to encourage the non-custodial parent to make good on his or her support responsibility. Under federal and state law, the Child Support Enforcement Administration, or CSEA, has the necessary authorization to implement a number of actions to ensure child support obligations are met. These include wage garnishments, interception of tax refunds, asset garnishments, credit bureau reporting and a great many others.

Helping you avoid mistakes that may hurt your child custody case

If you are divorcing with children, you already understand the heavy toll it can take on your family. It is often a time of utter chaos in which you exist under a microscope. Everything you say and do could be subject to intense scrutiny. Making mistakes can cost you heavily, but it can cost your children even more: a stable environment, interacting with both parents, emotional security and more.

As family law attorneys, we see parents make a lot of mistakes that can affect their child custody proceedings. Losing the custody agreement you want is one thing, but putting your children in a compromising position is another thing altogether. We know this is an outcome you do not want and your co-parent probably does not as well.

Maryland's options for those seeking a legal separation

Many couples arrive at our office seeking a non-divorce solution to their marital issues. Often, they are looking to initiate a legal separation but there is a problem with this request—legal separations as most people understand them do not exist in Maryland. It can take the wind right out of a couple's sails when they find out that the solution they thought was right for them is not an option. We hope this post will clear up the confusion about legal separation in Maryland because we believe that an informed client makes better decisions.

Even though legal separation is not an option, couples can have their needs met without going all the way through with a divorce. Often, a limited divorce is an effective alternative to a separation. We have talked about limited divorce in our blog before and will avoid getting too detailed about the process now. Instead, we refer you to this post if you need more detailed information.

Can a family law attorney help protect me from domestic violence?

The short answer to your question is absolutely, a family law attorney can help you with domestic violence. After a short discussion about the domestic violence-related laws in Maryland, you will find out how a lawyer can help.

Maryland law does not specifically address domestic violence in its legislature. However, the state does give attention to the issue in its family law code. Additionally, the state offers the victims of domestic violence several effective ways to seek protection. In the eyes of many, domestic violence is shrouded in mystery. Victims often do not understand what behaviors may constitute domestic violence. Below is a very brief breakdown of domestic violence crimes.

Learn about Maryland's limited divorce option

The term "limited divorce" sounds intriguing when couples are thinking about ending their marriage. It sounds like a half-measure or perhaps even a way to ease into divorce. It can be both of those things, but couples must meet certain requirements to seek a limited divorce in Maryland.

What is limited divorce?

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